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Carefree Living: A Black Mountain Arizona Home

Most people have a tale to tell when they build their dream home. But the owners of a majestic villa nestled in the lower reaches of Carefree’s Black Mountain can write a novel about their saga, which spans almost 40 years. “I fell for Carefree when I moved to Scottsdale in 1974; the land was absolutely breathtaking,” says the wife. “There was this little two-lane road going through the washes, and all you could see were boulders and desert for miles around.” By 1978, she had saved enough to buy a 1.6-acre lot in the budding town. “I just knew that I wanted to live there someday,” she adds. 

During the next three decades, the homeowner married, had children and settled 20 miles away. Later trips to Italy with her husband gave the couple clarity. “We’d see all these rustic, centuries-old homes, where everything from the architecture to the furnishings were time-honored, artisanal and enchanting,” says the husband, “and we wanted something similar.” 

Interior Design - Jana Parker Lee, ASID, Wiseman & Gale Interiors

Architecture - Bing Hu and Steve Hall, H&S International

Home Builder - Keith Bolock and Chris Johnson, Shiloh

Landscape Architecture - Donna Winters, Enchanted Garden Landscape, Inc.



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Posted by Mbo on 2/23/2014 3:13:09 PM

How often does wildlife (coyotes, snakes, etc.) visit this pool? It looks beautiful...but Arizona is a desert. Animals come to the water.