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Returning Home: Woman Buys Back Her Childhood Abode

Situated in a picturesque hamlet of Greenwich, Connecticut, is an elegant 90-year-old home whose
architecture was inspired by George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate. Its graceful design also carries
hints of 18th-century English country houses and the neoclassical style popularized by Venetian architect Andrea Palladio, but the home owes its charm more to the harmony of its composition than to the beauty
of its component parts.

When a young family recently purchased it, the new lady of the house was already familiar with every wall, window and nook. After all, it had been her childhood home. As a young woman, she had gone out into the
world and, after marrying, bought the home with her husband, reclaiming an important part of her family

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Posted by Dorothy Vivas on 2/6/2014 6:13:14 AM

I wonder about the lighting. Possibly omitted when staged for photo shoot but it would be nice to see all components in the picture.

Posted by Alice Jane on 2/6/2014 8:25:27 AM

Pretty house but sure does not look decorated for a "young family." Perhaps the house was staged for photos and then the real furniture arrived when family moved in.

Posted by Jenny Hrabik on 5/26/2014 10:33:59 PM

I am inclined to agree about the house not really being decorated for a young family. There is a lot of white and off white to keep clean if the kids are young. The house is amazing and the decor is stunning. Just not much for kids that I see.