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Worldly Appeal: Old-World Craftsmanship Makes For Stunning Backdrop

What happens when you combine the grand sophistication of an Italian villa, the rustic charm of a French country house and a matchless view of the Arizona desert? You get a series of delightful contrasts greater
than the sum of its parts and a house etched in old-world formality tempered by casual comfort and an open floor plan. A new home built, in certain cases, with centuries-old materials, this residence is appointed with
rare antiques, art and artifacts procured from years of worldwide travels. Perched high above Tucson with panoramic views of the Sonoran Desert, it also celebrates natural elements and an inside-out connection in
a way that is quintessential western United States.

“We didn’t want a dyed-in-the-wool new home,” recalls the owner, who, with a bachelor’s degree in interior design, took an active role in the styling process. “We aspired to something that looked like it had been here
for years. When some people have a house designed for them, they go away for a while and when they come back, it’s done. That was not our goal. We wanted our own memories and our own collections.” He recalls, by way of example, the home’s reclaimed 18th-century fireplace, found during a bicycle trip through France. 

Architecture - Michael Franks, Seaver Franks Architects Inc., AIA

Home Builder - Daniel Rorbach, Rorbach Construction Company, Inc.



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Posted by nora oldham on 6/10/2014 2:27:31 PM

this is more than beautiful.