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Paradise Found: A Desert Retreat

"When I imagined my dream house, I didn’t even know what state I was going to build it in,” says the homeowner of this residence outside of Phoenix. Perhaps not having a restrictive site in mind helped fuel the fantasy, given the result—which includes a 24-foot-high foyer, a modern palette of neutral hues and textured materials, and such careful layout planning that if 500 people came to attend a party, the foot traffic would
never cross into the private living areas.

Enlisting the expertise of designer Cary Henry for the interiors and working closely with her on the project for more than four years, the homeowner indeed planned his perfect retreat: a resort-style secondary home where he could escape from his busy lifestyle. But instead of the rustic style usually associated with the surrounding area, sleek and shiny reign supreme with lots of glass and metal, as well as high-tech gadgets and systems,
a hobby of the homeowner. “It’s not what you’d expect to see in the desert,” Henry says of the home’s modern façade. “Here, a Tuscan influence is common, but this house is more in the style of a Santa Barbara estate.
It’s more flat finish than tumbled stone.” 

Interior Design - Cary Henry, C Henry Design



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