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A 1950s Miami Ranch House Boasts Avant-Garde Art

With 30 years of design experience behind her, designer, art collector and homeowner Lourdes Fernandez-Grattan knows what she likes when she sees it—be it an avant-garde painting or a chaise that doubles as sculpture. But when her realtor pulled up to this 1950s ranch house years ago, the Cuba-born designer wasn’t so sure. “I said, ‘no way,’ ” Fernandez-Grattan recalls the first time she laid eyes on the once bluish-gray bungalow. “There was absolutely no curb appeal.” But looking up, she noticed eight stately oaks shading the property, and after seeing the large living room inside, she “saw a lot of potential,” she recalls. It didn’t hurt that the home also features 22-foot-high ceilings in the living room—an added perk for her 61/2-foot-tall husband, Patrick.

Situated in Ponce Davis near Coral Gables, the home captures the unique character of its historic neighborhood. Lush with trees, larger lots and a family-friendly vibe, the community complements Fernandez-Grattan’s eclectic nature as well as the needs of her family, which includes 10-year-old son Patrick Ryan. “We’re a very outgoing, social family,” she says. “And we’re so close with our neighbors that we travel together. It’s like a throwback to the ’70s—the kids all play together outside.

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