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A Midcentury Home's New Life

After 37 years in her Austin dwelling, homeowner Meredith Kawaguchi was ready for a change. She loved the house but had never felt that it was a true reflection of who she is or how she likes to live and enjoy life. What began as a plan to renovate the second-floor master bedroom and open up the kitchen to a larger living space evolved into a more ambitious remodel that resulted in a complete reconfiguration of the main floor to create the open concept the owner envisioned. “The back of the house felt chopped up and dark,” says designer Laura Roberts. “Early on, Meredith identified that the home needed to be warm, have lots of natural light, reflect nature, and most importantly, be peaceful and calm.”

Kawaguchi first turned to architect Hugh Randolph, whose work she had previously seen. “This project was interesting because there wasn’t a specific pragmatic need to make the change; Meredith just wanted to,” says Randolph. “That was very unique and freeing. It made the process more of an exploration. Our goal was to create a physical environment that was a true reflection of the owner.”

Architecture - Hugh Randolph, Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects
Interior Design - Laura Roberts, Laura Roberts Design
Landscape Architecture - Bill Roberts, Bill Roberts Design Build



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