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A Wisconsin Residence with Stunning Lake Vistas

The first thing you see when you enter Frank and Karen Gentile’s home is the shimmering water of Geneva Lake. “There’s a 10-foot drop from the front door to the back exterior, so there are three stories of glass on the lake side,” says architect Michael J. Abraham, who placed the house in perfect position to capture watery vistas from every possible vantage point.

But although the views dictated the siting, the homeowner set the tone for the overall style the architect dubbed farmhouse modern. “As a girl I figure skated in Europe and my father was determined to visually awaken my senses to everything, including architecture,” says Karen, who fell in love with the area’s old-world farmhouses and thought the concept was a good fit for Wisconsin’s agricultural surroundings. “But considering the large size of the house and our request for lots of glass, I knew the plan needed to have some current elements as well.”

Architecture - Michael J. Abraham and Michael M. Culligan, Culligan Abraham Architecture
Home Builder - Thomas J. Cowan, Thomas J. Cowan
Landscape Architecture - Don Sheldon, ASLA, Sheldon Landscape, Inc.



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Posted by Ed Saloga on 6/18/2014 10:35:25 AM

Well done Micheal and Michael!

Posted by Cece on 6/18/2014 1:46:50 PM

Stunning architecture but very cold interior. For anyone who knows winter on Lake Geneva I would want a lot more warmth.