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Petite Grandeur: A Small But Perfect Space

“A small space has to be perfect,” says the owner of a meticulously crafted Portland condominium that suits her to a T. “If you’re not careful, it can feel impersonal, like a lovely penthouse in a very nice hotel.”

Charged with the design of her and her husband’s abode was design principal Duncan McRoberts, whose classicist training and astute awareness of the owners’ requirements made him the prime candidate for the project. “They were moving from a wonderful traditional home and are quite sophisticated,” says McRoberts. “The challenge was to create an interior for a smaller space that had a similar sense of grandeur. Traditional architecture answered the call, as it provides beauty through a wonderful layering of detail.”

Architecture - Duncan McRoberts, Duncan McRoberts Associates, LLC, Architecture & Planning
Interior Design - Robert Trotman, ASID, Robert Trotman Interior Design, Inc.
Home Builder - Lindley Morton and Jeff Wells, Green Gables Design and Restoration



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Posted by on 5/13/2014 9:39:14 AM

Very soothing color pallet and well curated mix of furniture. Until the last photo I had no idea this was in a highrise. Well done!