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Family Business: Collaborative Effort Between Architecture and Design Teams

With a design and architecture team that’s worked together on a handful of other projects, this seven-bedroom residence in Coral Gables saw a high level of trust and collaboration among the professionals involved. In fact, according to architect Jorge L. Hernandez, there was almost an “encouragement of friendly trespassing in terms of each other’s boundaries.”

Like a family themselves, Hernandez would weigh in on fabric choices by designer Nikki Baron; Baron would review Hernandez’s floor plans; and even builder Oscar Hidalgo imparted his own training as an architect. Together with landscape team Jorge A. Sanchez and Phil Maddux, the five worked together with the young husband and wife who asked their “Dream Team,” as they called them, to create a spacious yet intimate home that would also be safe and friendly for their little ones.

Interior Design - Nikki Baron, Baron Design Studio
Architecture - Jorge L. Hernandez, AIA, Jorge L. Hernandez Architect P.A.
Home Builder - Oscar Hidalgo, Hidalgo Construction Co., Inc.
Landscape Architecture - Jorge A. Sanchez and Phil Maddux, ASLA, Sanchez & Maddux, Inc.



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Posted by Linda Castleberry on 7/29/2014 8:54:43 AM

Beautiful the whole house is beautiful relaxing paradise and these are my Dream. Bodacious and I'm going to keep on dreaming and believing that one day I will to have something like this