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Green Party: A Sustainable Agenda and Luxurious Design Can Coexist

From the moment Amanda Precourt purchased a nearly 5.3-acre Vail Valley property, she had a strong vision of what she wanted her house to look like, and it wasn’t the dated ranch that occupied the site. “I envisioned a contemporary retreat that undulated along Lake Creek,” she says. To help her realize that vision, Precourt, who has a master’s degree in real estate and construction management, called on architect Jim Morter to create a structure that engaged its natural surroundings and views of New York Mountain.

To design the house, Morter, working in collaboration with Precourt and on-site project architect and consultant Pavan Krueger of Krueger Architecture & Design, took cues from the land. “With so many mature trees, rather than create one big blockbuster building in the middle of everything, we broke the home down into smaller pieces and allowed it to weave through the trees,” says Morter, who also took advantage of every indoor/outdoor opportunity he could. “There’s a south-facing terrace for the mountain views and a deck oriented to the creek; the site really dictated things.” 

Architecture - Jim Morter, FAIA, Morter Architects
Home Builder - Brent Rimel and Danny Aldaz, R.A. Nelson LLC
Landscape Architecture - Sherry Dorward, ASLA, Sherry Dorward Landscape Architecture LLC



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Posted by Douglas on 5/7/2014 11:08:33 AM

Jim, my friend, great project. You're the best. You should only permit pairs of Barcelona chairs in your lovely homes!!