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Follow Through: Duo Buys a Half Done Orange County Home

Alice and John Wrate had been renting when they found what they were looking for: a contemporary house in a walkable neighborhood in Newport Beach, a rarity in Orange County. Even though the house was half built, “we were sold on the architect’s vision,” says John. “We always wanted to build a contemporary, and we knew we weren’t going to get another opportunity like this one.”

The only issue for the Wrates was how to turn a minimalist dream house designed by architect Scott Peotter for himself and his wife—empty nesters—into one that could accommodate a family with three young girls. So the couple retrieved a tear sheet they had ripped out of a magazine years before, depicting the kind of warm contemporary interiors they loved, and contacted Michael Fullen, the designer who created them.

“They wanted to make the layout kid-friendly without sacrificing the sophisticated look of the interiors,” Fullen says of his clients’ request. “They wanted a space for entertaining, a space for the girls—they wanted a space for everybody.”

Interior Design - Michael Fullen, Michael Fullen Design Group
Architecture - Scott Peotter, Aslan Companies, Inc.
Home Builder - Scott Peotter, Aslan Companies, Inc.



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