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Oceanfront Condo Gets A Warm Aesthetic

Designer Veronica Solorzano paints a colorful picture of the Venezuela-based family for whom she fashioned the interiors of a luxury condominium on Key Biscayne. “They’re always on the move, traveling to their second home in Aruba or going on skiing trips,” she says. “When they come to Florida on holiday, they play golf, entertain and frequent trendy, cosmopolitan places.”

With that in mind, the wife’s vision of an all-white beachfront space came as both a surprise and a challenge. “Their home in Venezuela is very traditional, and the one in Aruba is minimalist,” Solorzano explains. “I understood that they were looking for a change, but a lot of Miami Beach residences have a white palette, and I wanted to give them a design that was unique and had a warmer feel.”

Interior Design - Veronica Solorzano, Verso Design



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