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Global Impact: Architect Virginia Kelsey Renovates A Houston Home

When architect Virginia Kelsey was hired to renovate a custom home in one of Houston’s leafy gated communities, the objective was fairly circumspect: to remodel a third-floor space into a luxurious suite for guests. What she wound up doing by the time the project was completed 18 months later, however, was something altogether different.

Once Kelsey began, she says, she realized that other areas of the home also called for her attention. Her clients—an oil and gas investor and a financial executive—were open to her suggestions. “If we were going to pull it apart, then it made sense to do it right,” says the husband, who had moved out of a modern house in the same neighborhood after its open rooms and hard surfaces proved incapable of muffling the noise generated by his growing family.

Architecture - Virginia Kelsey, Virginia W. Kelsey, AIA
Interior Design - Lucia Benton, Lucia Benton Interiors, Inc.
Home Builder - Jake Housberg, Jake Housberg Homes



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Posted by Peter Evans on 4/23/2014 3:56:40 PM

At first I was shocked at how bad this is. Then I started laughing at how much these poor slobs must have been charged. Too much money and clueless.