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Exact Nature: Designer Gets Everything On Her Wish List

When Glynis and Lee Wood bought a 1970s ranch-style home in Austin’s friendly Northwest Hills neighborhood, where Lee spent his boyhood, they weren’t the least bit daunted by its cavernous rooms and hallways. “The house felt closed-in and dark, and it wasn’t very welcoming,” Glynis says. “But I love older homes, so we bought it with the intention of preserving its character and history.”

The couple planned a remodel to bring the house more in line with their modern lifestyle, and—as a designer herself—Glynis had no shortage of ideas to share with their architect, Rodney Palmer. “At our first meeting, I had this gigantic notebook with thousands of things in it and I just plopped it on his desk,” she says, laughing. “We have two teenage girls and we’re a very relaxed family, so I wanted this house to feel as airy and stress-free as possible.”

Architecture - Rodney Palmer, AIA, Cornerstone Architects

Interior Design - Glynis Wood, Glynis Wood Interiors

Home Builder - Chris Shaffer, Greenbelt Homes



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Posted by bernadette white on 4/6/2014 12:33:43 PM

Is that a tile floor?? Beautiful. .

Posted by Karen Cooper on 7/24/2014 6:37:54 AM

It is like someone read my mind. I would like to see more pics. Master Suite/baths and kitchen. So far this home has everything on my check list .