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Past Perfect: Miami Beach Mediterranean Revival Home

The baby boomers who own this mediterranean revival home in Miami Beach loved their former 15,000-square-foot mansion on Biscayne Bay’s Tony Star Island. In the 1980s, they had expended considerable energy renovating it to such perfection that famed fashion photographer Bruce Weber often used it as a setting for his iconic images of youthful sybaritic beauty.

But when the couple’s two daughters left and started families of their own, the Star Island house felt cavernous and empty. Looking to downsize, they were drawn to this patch of land because of its infinitely charming 1930s coach house, which had been designed by Russell Thorn Pancoast, one of the city’s founding architects (author of, among others, the Surf Club and the Miami Beach Public Library, now the Bass Museum of Art). 

Smitten, they hired architect and builder Zeb Jarosz to erect a humbler structure roughly half the size of their former residence that would, nevertheless, retain a certain level of sophistication. As founders of a popular national women’s clothing boutique chain, they socialize with design-obsessed fashionisti, and as current partners in the largest entertainment company in South Florida, they needed elegant digs in which to host formal functions. 

Architecture - Zeb Jarosz, AIA, Z.W. Jarosz Architect, P.A.

Home Builder - Zeb Jarosz, Jarosz Development Corp.



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Posted by Gabriela Hughes on 3/26/2014 9:07:05 AM

Exquisite residence. Restful interiors and very interesting detailing. The styling is perfect and makes it slick yet homely. The dining room is crying for art above the sideboard but this is my only observation. I am pleased to see very good design with inviting proportions and a good sense of what is 'good taste'

Posted by Joseph Cortes-HomeLife Interiors on 3/26/2014 9:12:04 AM

This is a beautifully done project. It is very elegant and gracefully interjects modern design into a classical envelope.

Posted by Olga Takacs. on 3/26/2014 3:42:30 PM

One of my favorite designs of a house.. Absolutely perfect in and out...The rooms are spacious . the grounds exquisite...Not much left to the imagination.. Perfect..