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Chance Encounter: Northwest Couple Downsizes to Midcentury Modern House

A couple looking to downsize weren’t necessarily looking for a home designed by midcentury modernist architect roland terry, but fate kept intervening. “We were searching for a house that had a lot of light and a relationship to the outdoors,” recalls the wife. “And we kept getting drawn to houses that wound up being by Roland Terry.”

Terry was a founding father of the Northwest Modern style, which adapted the boxy open-plan architecture emerging in Europe and the United States to this region’s rainy climate and bounty of timber. “It was the first time the Northwest had a chance to create an architecture that was both modern and of this place,” says builder John Hoedemaker, who collaborated on the couple’s home renovation with designer Amy Baker and architect Stephen D. Hoedemaker. “Terry, for me, stands out for connecting interior architecture to the landscape. It’s quite seamless and compelling.”

Interior Design - Amy Baker, Amy Baker Interior Design, Inc.

Architecture - Stephen D. Hoedemaker, AIA, Bosworth Hoedemaker, LLC

Home Builder - John Hoedemaker, Schuchart/Dow



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