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Rare Breed: New York Clients Give Designer Free Reign

Like unicorns of the design community, clients who trust their designer enough to give him free reign of their home are a rare treasure to behold—a mythical gift to be celebrated and appreciated. For his part, designer Kerry Delrose can’t seem to get over his luck at being paired with the young, easygoing couple who commissioned him to outfit their newly renovated Upper East Side townhome. “They were good, great, super,” he gushes. “We had one meeting, and they said, ‘We’ve seen your stuff, and we believe in you. Do your thing.’ If every client was like that, I would just jump for joy.”

Delrose’s homeowner jackpot, however, didn’t end there. Before bringing the designer on board, the husband had amassed a large art collection full of works from major players such as Picasso, Damien Hirst and David Salle. It was these masterpieces, paired with the classic architectural details that prevail throughout the home, that informed Delrose’s vision for the main living areas. To keep the focus on the bright, statement-making canvases, he worked in neutrals, keeping the walls and upholstery light and creamy to avoid clashing. “I didn’t want it to be austere like an art gallery,” he says, “but I didn’t want a lot of colorful things that would fight the art.” 

Interior Design - Kerry Delrose, Delrose Design Group

Architecture - Joseph Pell Lombardi, Joseph Pell Lombardi Architect



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