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Fine Pairing: Contemporary and Traditional Forms Find a Middle Ground


Designer Jennifer Dyer created livable yet sophisticated interiors to complement the traditional style of a house built by Sheryl Schey and David Carlin. In the dining room, an Ironies light fixture hangs above the owners’ table. The rug is from Patterson, Flynn & Martin.



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Posted by Bellissima designs on 4/4/2014 11:12:45 AM

As a designer for many years and having built and/or remodeled many clients homes, sometimes it was easy to convince them to allow each room to be design in accordance to its particular function without giving up the overall look or feel of luxury found in the more formal rooms. I love the way you have carried the soft color palette throughout this home, kept the designs simple and not fussy. The husbands office retains a masculine feel but still have the color tones found throughout the rest of the home.I have found when my clients find a residence they desire to stay in for a long time keeping it simple, yet changing accessories now and again makes a room seem fresh and new all over again without the cost of completely redoing the entire space. I especially like the way you have chosen to utilize a variety of textures and fabrics to compliment each setting while not disturbing the overall classic design elements. Great job!

Posted by Kathleen on 8/16/2014 8:06:23 AM

This is gorgeous. Who makes the owners dining table?