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Lantern Masters, Inc
Westlake Village, CA

Collaboration with our clients leads to new designs for custom fixtures. Inspiration comes from many different periods of architectural history. Replicating historical fixtures from the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries are a specialty of Lantern Masters. Fabrication includes age-old forging techniques as well as 21st Century technology. Using superior craftsmanship, along with the finest materials, Lantern Masters is committed to creating only the most unique light fixtures.
Photography by Lantern Masters


  • Lantern Masters, Inc. is a design/manufacturing company specializing in interior and exterior decorative lighting
  • for upper end residential and commercial projects. We represent ourselves through the architectural trade.
  • We do not carry any other manufacturer’s products. We will meet with a client at a local
  • jobsite to determine the light fixtures that are architecturally correct for their project.
  • This may include new product design, specifying sizes and fixture applications, quotations and manufacturing of product.


  • Institute of Classical Architecture, Los Angeles Chapter