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H5 Decor
New York, NY


  • H5 Décor maintains a lifestyle blog that handsomely compliments the online store.
  • The company works closely with the makers and shakers of the lifestyle industry, and for that reason they have plenty to say about what’s happening in homes around the country.
  • The H5 Décor blog covers a wide range of topics like style inspiration; interviews with house hold names; travel destinations; food ideas; and decorating advice.
  • As a technology-based company, H5 Decor has a strong presence in social media, and showcases style inspirations as well as design advice across all of their social media platforms.


  • H5 Décor travels often in search of lifestyle inspirations, new designers, and trends.
  • H5’s handpicked, ever changing home décor and furnishings answer to a variety styles.
  • The company’s curated events celebrate inspired themes and call into action home and lifestyle trends.
  • The list of brands and artists carried by H5 Décor is long and forever changing.


  • H5 Decor offers a myriad selection of home decor products from accent pieces, rugs, and artwork, to furniture and lighting.
  • Products are categorized by room to help members easily navigate through the site.