Luxe Interior & Design®

Artisan Electronics Group
Winfield, IL


  • AEG provides Design + Build services across an array of specialty electronic categories.
  • Including: Distributed Audio & Video, Home Theater, Outdoor sound & video, Control Systems/System Integration, Lighting Control, Motorized Shading Control and the lighting of fine art.


  • Acurus. Specialty Electronics
  • Aragon. Audiophile two channel amplifiers
  • Artcoustic of Denmark. Specialty Concealment Speakers
  • Artison. Home Theater Speakers
  • Elan Home Systems. Control Systems/System Integration
  • Frame My TV. Flat panel concealment systems
  • Furman. Power Supply/Conditioning
  • Halo. Electronics
  • Hegel. Audiophile electronics
  • Leon. Home Theater Speakers
  • Lutron. Lighting Control & Motorized Shading Systems
  • Lyngdorf. Audiophile electronics
  • Marantz. Electronics
  • Monitor Audio. Speakers
  • parasound. Electronics
  • Q-Motion. Motorized Shading Systems
  • ReQuest. Media Servers
  • Seura. Specialty Flat Panel Displays
  • SIM 2. Front Projectors
  • SONANCE. Speakers
  • Sonos. Speakers
  • Sun Brite. Weatherproof TVs
  • Sun Fire. Subwoofers
  • Terra. Outdoor Speakers
  • Tributaries. Interconnects
  • Triad. Speakers
  • Totem Acoustic. Speakers
  • Trufig. Interior finish/concealment products
  • Velodyne. Subwoofers
  • Waterfall Audio. Glass speakers


  • Speakers In Ceiling, In Wall, On Wall, Home Theater, Audiophile, Subwoofers, Outdoor.
  • Electronics Amplifiers, Surround Receivers, Power Protection, Media Servers, Front Projection Systems, System Integration/Control Platforms.
  • Lighting: Lighting Control Systems, Motorized Shading Control Systems, Fine Art Lighting Systems.
  • Flat Panel Concealment Systems, Invisible Speakers, Flush Mount Wallplate Systems.


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