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Airy Urban Condo with Neutral Palette

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“You walk in, and—bam—it’s all glass and Downtown Chicago,” says Tom Segal, who, along with David Kaufman, designed this airy condo that presides on...
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Sep 12, 2014(0) comments

A 21st-Century Penthouse is a Spacious Upgrade

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When a homeowner was looking for a change of address, she brought only a few things from her old life: an armoire that belonged to her grandparents and two small rugs purchased...
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Aug 19, 2014(0) comments

Insight: Robin Gray

“A fine carpet is the anchor for any space,” says Santa Fe-based rug designer Robin Gray. “From there, you can build in many different directions but always stay anchored to that...
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Jun 21, 2014(0) comments

Insight: Carolina Monteiro

Born to a landscape architect mother and architect father, it may read like destiny for Carolina Monteiro to have gone into landscape architecture herself. But it took a chance meeting with Enzo...
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Jun 20, 2014(0) comments

Culture Shock: Anil Kakar

New Delhi-born Anil Kakar has been globe-trotting since his family moved to the States when he was a child. “I’ve experienced disparate parts of the world,” he says, “and in...
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Jun 06, 2014(0) comments

Parisian Dreams: Beverly Burch

Shop owner and French design enthusiast Beverly Burch brings a little piece of Paris to Phoenix with the Willows Home and Garden, her carefully curated store filled with what she describes as,...
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Jun 03, 2014(0) comments

A Boca Raton Estate Evokes Classic Architecture

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It’s still possible to build something great, something marvelous to match the grand Florida estates of the 20th century. It just requires a little patience and ingenuity,...
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May 29, 2014(0) comments

Local Hero: Paul Duesing

Paul Duesing has a fascination with British colonial style, yet when he designs a five-star resort or spectacular private residence, his approach is anything but imperial. Instead, he’s...
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May 23, 2014(0) comments

Historical Influence: Michael Trapp

Some of Michael Trapp’s fondest memories include days spent tagging along on his mother’s antiquing trips in his childhood home of northeastern France. “The antique dealers we met...
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Apr 21, 2014(0) comments

Time Traveler: Kent Townsend

“Most people have a misconception about the amount of time it takes to put a piece together,” says furniture maker Kent Townsend of the custom Art Deco-style designs he makes from his...
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Apr 04, 2014(0) comments

Channeling Art: Alyssa Di Edwardo

Artist Alyssa di Edwardo’s most treasured keepsake is a poem from 20 years ago that reads, “Engage with the flow and allow the flow to flower through you.” Prophetic words for this...
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Feb 16, 2014(0) comments

Luxury Linens: Valerianne of Scottsdale

One of Scottsdale’s premier destinations for luxury linens, Valerianne is the perfect place to pick up plush pillows, silky sheets and feather- filled duvets by couture brands. The inviting...
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Feb 11, 2014(0) comments