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Time Traveler: Kent Townsend

“Most people have a misconception about the amount of time it takes to put a piece together,” says furniture maker Kent Townsend of the custom Art Deco-style designs he makes from his...
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Apr 04, 2014(0) comments

Channeling Art: Alyssa Di Edwardo

Artist Alyssa di Edwardo’s most treasured keepsake is a poem from 20 years ago that reads, “Engage with the flow and allow the flow to flower through you.” Prophetic words for this...
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Feb 16, 2014(0) comments

Luxury Linens: Valerianne of Scottsdale

One of Scottsdale’s premier destinations for luxury linens, Valerianne is the perfect place to pick up plush pillows, silky sheets and feather- filled duvets by couture brands. The inviting...
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Feb 11, 2014(0) comments

Past Future - Juxtaposition Home & Studio

Nestled in Newport Coast is an unassuming furnishings store that will have you eternally inspired. Juxtaposition Home & Studio has industrial-chic interiors chock-full of found objects...
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Dec 05, 2013(0) comments

Paradise Found: An Arizona Retreat

Designer Lynne Beyer understood why this Paradise Valley project would stand apart from others. First, it came complete with a collection of contemporary art that is bound to induce pangs of envy in...
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Oct 21, 2013(2) comments

A La Carte: Hub Restaurant

Cool and Industrial are just a few of the adjectives used to describe Insider hotspot Hub Restaurant featured in our AZ winter issue. With a restaurant packed with this much style, we couldn't resist...
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Apr 25, 2013(0) comments

Editor Obsession: Kerry Cassill

California Fall 2012 Insider, Kerry Cassill discovered her colorful, eclectic side in the early 90’s and has not looked back since. Perusing the markets of Paris she followed her most desired...
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Apr 18, 2013(0) comments

The Place: Marmalade Interiors

Jill Sorensen may have been featured as an Insider in our winter issue, but there's no better time to share the portfolio of this McLean, Virginia-based designer than now, as her eclectic and vibrant...
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Apr 11, 2013(0) comments

Check In: SLS Hotel South Beach

Our destination series will go beyond the pages of Luxe by bringing you further into the shops, restaurants and destinations featured in our "Insider" section. Kicking off the series is the SLS Hotel...
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Mar 07, 2013(0) comments

Suite Life

If you’ve picked up our New York Winter 2013 issue, then you have had the chance to see our “Spirited Approach” Insider page on the hottest destinations to check out this season. If...
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Jan 16, 2013(1) comments

Get In The Mood

Every now and then it pays off to escape the daily grind and just be creative. This week, the Luxe editors broke out the scissors and glue to hone in on what inspires them. Take a...
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Jun 01, 2012(2) comments

style scout: island affair.

We can hear what you’re thinking: Didn’t you tease us mercilessly with your vacation destination Style Scout post last week? It’s true. We did. But it’s nearly Friday, and...
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Aug 04, 2011(0) comments