editor's obsession: arad bike.

editor's obsession: arad bike.

I’m moving up to New York in two weeks. What that means for you, trusty readers of LuxeDaily, is that you’re going to be getting a more in-depth look at industry events, showroom openings and product unveilings, plus digital face time with scores of talented designers. And what that means for me, is a lot more walking. While I certainly won’t be wearing these while pounding pavement, I am really excited to be leaving my car-dependent ways behind—especially when trading in my four wheels means I can start crushing on two wheels, instead.

I first caught a glimpse of this awe-worthy bicycle by Ron Arad over on DesignBoom, and I’ve been feeling a little Mary Poppins ever since. Created as a part of a fundraising effort between Elton John’s AIDS Foundation and W hotels, bidding for the bike (and other models by an elite group of artists and designers) is being conducted on the W London’s Facebook page and goes through October. So, if you were thinking of getting a certain Luxe editor a housewarming gift, this would be a good place to start!





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Posted by The Buzz Blog on 9/7/2011 4:57:00 PM

Gorgeous bike but will it survive the potholes in NYC? xxoo Carolyn