editor's obsession: slingshot shoes.

editor's obsession: slingshot shoes.

Fashion is all about taking risks, not holding back, and exuding confidence. No one is preaching this mantra louder than out-of-the-box shoe designer Kobi Levi. His unique footwear just made its music video debut on one of fashion’s most fearless: Lady Gaga in her latest, Born This Way. These wearable sculptures are handmade by the designer and are technically sound for truly functional high-heels that are completely unforgettable. The creative approach and playful execution of Levi’s footwear collection have completely defied everything I thought I knew about the stiletto. My favorite is this Slingshot shoe that I’m counting on to catapult me into a majorly memorable fashion moment!   





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Posted by Stefen on 3/3/2012 7:07:00 AM

What's not to like. girl with armour- I like it!