design dialogue: tony ciani.

design dialogue: tony ciani.


It’s always fulfilling to create something of your own; there’s a lot of pride inherent in seeing what used to only exist in your mind’s eye firmly take root in the physical world, especially when what you create becomes a major backdrop in people’s lives. Although California architect Tony Ciani has been dreaming up homes for over 30 years, he hasn’t let the rush of creation get to his head: instead, he regularly puts it aside to nurture more altruistic pursuits, like saving the works of other greats by helping achieve National Historic Landmark status for countless historical sites and structures. He shares a little inspiration with us here.

Whom do you admire?
Michelangelo, Charles and Henry Greene, Julia Morgan, Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra, Charles and Ray Eames, Louis Kahn and Frank Gehry.

How do you define luxury?
The freedom to be and do what you want to. Ultimately, that would include having the resources to achieve your desires, and time for repose.

Where do you like to hang out?
Peet’s Coffee & Tea on Domingo in Berkeley, across from the Claremont Hotel Club & Spa. There is vitality among the patrons and tranquility in the location.

What’s your fantasy commission?
To restore the historic Red Rest and Red Roost Cottages across from the La Jolla Cove shoreline. I’d like to see it become a place where people can learn about local sea life and the history of early California coastal villages.

Do you have a personal philosophy?
Imagine it, become it, draw it, then make it happen.



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