Insight: John Lindsay & Alessandro Paradiso

Insight: John Lindsay & Alessandro Paradiso

Looking at the pieces found at New Breed Furniture Network, one might think Scandinavian or midcentury modern, but Skokie-based designers John Lindsay and Alessandro Paradiso aren’t into labels. It’s the process or “poetics of making,” Lindsay says, that truly matters. With Lindsay’s honed woodworking skills and Paradiso’s architectural background, the design duo fashions solid-wood, cantilevered furniture that puts a modern spin on old world traditions. The defining element of their 107-piece collection, which sells at retailers across the country, is the “sexy joint,” Lindsay says. “It’s voluptuous and allows in tons of light.” Friends for 20 years, Lindsay and Paradiso have a dichotomous relationship that bodes well for business, with Lindsay as conceptualizer and Paradiso the editor extraordinaire. “It’s nice to transform a space using just furnishings,” Paradiso says. Yet even with celebrity clients, as well as Google and Starbucks, as fans, Lindsay and Paradiso aren’t ones to drop names. They’re into hard work and a commitment to excellence, establishing them as a furniture-making breed all their own.

LX: I Became interested in furniture design...

AP: Through my grandfather, who was an old-school Italian furniture maker.

LX: Local design shop:

JL: The Haymaker Shop. We believe in owner Arrin Williams’ championing of everything local.

LX: Coveted item:

JL: A painting of my father by his friend and Chicago artist Bill Olendorf.

LX: Dream dinner party guests:

AP: Andrea Palladio, Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Louis Kahn and Peter Eisenman. It’d be one fantastic conversation on architecture.

LX: What's inspiring you now?

JL: The current collaboration of architect Tadao Ando, who I named my son after, and Carl Hansen & Son.

LX: Favorite cities:

AP: Rome and Naples because of their density, grit and architecture.;



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