Insight: Bernadette Schaeffler

Insight: Bernadette Schaeffler

German-born Bernadette Schaeffler’s first foray into the world of textiles and design began as a buyer for women’s footwear. She sought the best of Europe: Paris for the freshest designs and latest fashions, and Rome for its leather and superior craftsmanship. Today, that same eye for quality is focused on a growing Dallas-based showroom, featuring her private label furniture and textile line, the Bernadette Schaeffler Collection. “I’ve always seen the connection between fashion and interior design,” says Schaeffler, whose love of mixing and matching produces rooms with a unique ambience and unparalleled looks. “I don’t just create interiors, I create lifestyles.” Using custom designs, sourced antiques and family pieces in a single area, appearing one note becomes out of the question. “It’s about living well and being content in your space,” says Schaeffler, adding that her design focus is always on quality, functionality and comfort. “It’s important to bring your roots into your home with family treasures and to invest in signature pieces that you and your children will have forever.”

LX: What advice do you have for people buying antiques?
BS: If you’re buying antiques, always get them certified. A seller should be able to verify the period of a piece and where it’s from.

LX: Design icon...
BS: Grace Kelly is someone I can relate to. She was always classic and always a lady.

LX: Coveted item...
BS: The Iron Cross my grandfather received for merit as a World War I soldier in 1915. It is framed and sitting on a shelf next to my grandmother’s picture

LX: Favorite hotel...
BS: Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes. My parents live in the South of France and visit this hotel during the summer. The gardens are breathtaking, the rooms luxurious and the service impeccable.

LX: Most people don’t know...
BS: That I speak five languages: German, French, English, Spanish and Italian.

LX: I always carry…
BS: My passport, red lipstick and a credit card. Other than that, I can forget everything else.;



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