Insight: Cristina Azario

Insight: Cristina Azario

The best advice Cristina Azario ever received had nothing to do with textiles. Her former boss, Donna Karan, used to say, “I like pizza and I like caviar,” but the message translated beyond culinary tastes. For Azario, it meant “knowing how to recognize and use the best in every category, from hemp to satin.”  This skill has served her well. Born into an Italian family with a century of experience in the luxury textile industry, she’s been able to bring this rich history into the 21st century with the launch of her eponymous line, offering linens and home couture items. “My driving design aesthetic is combining low key elements with more refined sensibilities, while always employing the highest craftsmanship,” she says. Inspired by the simplicity and romanticism of Islamic architecture, her interests go beyond brick and mortar. “When you visit the Alhambra, it isn’t only the structure that inspires, the entire environment—the breeze, the scent, the tactile experience—is intoxicating.” Her linens have created similarly sumptuous experiences in hotels and yachts across the world. From the highest quality materials to her exquisite designs, Azario’s work has become a signature of luxury.

LX: Recent project...

CA: I just finished working on Quattroelle, possibly one of the most beautiful super yachts launched this year.

LX: Treasured keepsakes...

CA: The first sheered mink blanket I designed; it provides such a wonderful tactile experience. Also, my family’s extraordinary textile archives, which are a constant source of inspiration.

LX: I just read...

CA: Cristobal Balenciaga: The Making of a Master (1895-1936), by Miren Arzalluz.

LX: Favorites...

CA: City: Florence, because of its exceptional monuments and how it blends with nature. Restaurant: Il Cibreo in Florence, which has interpreted Renaissance dishes for the modern day. Brand: AG Jeans; I wear white denim jeans year round.

LX: Go-to hostess gift...

CA: Mast Brothers Chocolate; the packaging and the product are sublime.




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