Insight: Loren Yagoda

Insight: Loren Yagoda

“Exposure turned into interest, interest developed into a lifestyle, and a lifestyle became a profession,” explains Phoenix-based Loren Yagoda of her birth into the worlds of art and design. With a family full of art collectors, architects and decorators, it’s no wonder that Yagoda is a triple threat of creativity, boasting a successful career in painting, sculpture and devising interior spaces. “I like to think that making magic is my specialty,” she says. Whether she’s fashioning a gallery-inspired living room, a gritty 20-piece ceramics collection or a painting that resembles the look of old wood, Yagoda is always generating something expressly unique to her persona. Yet regardless of her creative outlet, a few fundamental threads are consistently woven throughout: simple forms, clean lines and texture for an end result that would fit just as effortlessly in a modern or traditional home. “Without consciously doing so, I’m a walking poster child for my aesthetic,” she says. “My style is subtle, sophisticated, often with a dash of the unexpected. I am, through and through, my own statement—consistent, edited and, I would hope, elegant.”

LX: Art icons...
LY: My muses are Robert Motherwell, Agnes Martin, Franz Kline and Richard Serra. As an artist and designer, my influences are those who feel and see as I do.

LX: Favorite decorating resources...
LY: Objects, Tina Liston’s brilliant store, soon to be reopening in a new location in Scottsdale. Her items are so forward-thinking. I am also a huge fan of Restoration Hardware; their look is the perfect backdrop to my style.

LX: Keep an eye on...
LY: Costello-Childs Contemporary. Not only because they show my work, but they have also been able to keep up with the galleries in New York and San Francisco and supersede expectations. Daryl Childs and Michael Costello “get” earthy, organic art and design.

LX: Words of wisdom...
LY: “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”—Coco Chanel;



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