Insight: Jim Staicoff

Insight: Jim Staicoff

To appreciate Paper Paint Press’ wallpaper designs, you have to ditch all your preconceived notions. For starters, they aren’t printed on paper. “I recently switched to a vinyl-coated fabric wallcovering, which holds the ink better,” says Jim Staicoff, the firm’s founder and creative director. Staicoff, a Portland-based interior decorator, collaborates with artists on wallcoverings that incorporate everything from images of bees and butterflies to foxes and chickens. “I’ve been a culture junkie my entire life, and design is a logical extension of my interest in architecture, music, film, fashion, and literature,” he says. In lieu of traditional rolls, he offers his small batch product by the square foot to yield less waste, and utilizes a digital printing process that allows each design to be tailored to a specific space. According to Staicoff, the genesis for his boutique business—which also produces paneling made from sustainably harvested wood—was built on a simple concept: “I want to redefine wall art in a way that is customizable and innovative and exudes the organic feel of the Pacific Northwest.”

LX: I'm inspired by...
JS: Explorers. People like Marcel Wanders, Kanye West, Nicolas Jaar, and Kieran Hebden continually push the boundaries and redefine what their art looks and sounds like, and more importantly, how it feels.

LX: Greatest indulgence...
I’m on a mission to taste every artisan bourbon and rye in the country. My current favorites are Thunderbeast Baby Buffalo Bourbon and Indio Spirits’ James Oliver Rye. Mix in a splash of New Deal Ginger Liqueur with one of these, and it will change your life.

LX: Dream dinner party guests...
JS: William Morris right after he started his design firm; Pete Townshend when he was starting to write the rock opera Tommy; Ian Curtis as he was recording Joy Division’s Closer; and Federico Fellini during the filming of Satyricon.

LX: Every designer should...
Learn to draw. As intuitive as computers are becoming, nothing is as useful in a pinch as a No. 2 pencil. All designers need to be able to quickly communicate their ideas or they will be left out of the process over time.;




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