hot spot: glam plan.

hot spot: glam plan.


Unfortunately, we’re no Lulu Powers, and every meal we try our hands at isn’t an automatic gourmet masterpiece (think: chili so hot our lips burned for three days), which is why we sometimes rely on pretty table settings and fresh flowers to fake our way through dinner parties. In our experience, the more beautiful the setting, the less likely guests are to remember what they ate (or kindly refrained from eating). Ambiance goes a long way in making an evening of dining a success, which is why this Rancho Santa Fe, California, room by Lori Gentile has piqued our picky palates. It’d be impossible to have a bad meal in the moody, dramatic space, complete with a Barlas Baylar chandelier for Hudson Furniture and a tranquil painting by Canadian artist Andre Desjardins, but if all else fails, there’s always dessert!



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