Insight: Bonny Leibowitz

Insight: Bonny Leibowitz

Why? That’s the main question Dallas-based artist Bonny Leibowitz seeks to answer with each eye-opening work she creates. Her large, mixed-media paintings, which incorporate encaustic wax, kozo paper and photographs, employ morphing images in order to discover the effects of intersecting actions. Why does she focus on the why? “I want to explore the possibilities of how things in life come to be,” she says. “And what happens next.” Leibowitz, a native of Pennsylvania, was introduced to art by her parents at a young age; and, after studying art in college, she moved to Dallas, where she worked in a gallery and subsequently began exhibiting her work. While venturing into the world of art was easy for Leibowitz, finding the answers to her philosophical questions hasn’t been, and that’s what her work aims to address. “It’s all about the journey of gaining new insights into one’s self,” she says. “We will never know everything, but my work will keep evolving even as the questions and their answers do.”

LX: Work approach:

BL: I am most interested in creating visually seductive pieces, allowing the work and process to dictate my next move.

LX: I love what I do because…

BL: I can share my vision and excitement with clients and collectors.

LX: Art muses:

BL: I’ve always loved Cy Twombly. Lately, I’ve also been enjoying the compositions of Albert Oehlen and Andrea Jensen.

LX: Dream collaboration:

BL: It would be a fabulous adventure to do a massive installation with Anselm Kiefer and Judy Pfaff.

LX: Describe your home.

BL: It’s pretty eclectic with a lot of art I’ve collected over the years, including a recent piece by Michael O’Keefe. I feel honored to be in his collection as well.;



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