design dialogue: bonnie & crystal flynt.

design dialogue: bonnie & crystal flynt.


If you can think back this far, you’ll remember that I avoid shopping with my mother at all costs. But, I’ve got a natural admiration—somewhere between shock and awe—for anyone who can pull it off as effortlessly as Bonnie and Crystal Flynt of Bon. Not only does the mother-daughter duo spend endless hours scouring their favorite sources for treasures to stock in their gorgeous Tucson shop, they also helm said shop together. Their similar tastes make it easy, and if you’re wondering what those are, this sweet Q&A has you covered:

Where’s your favorite place to escape?
C: We love The Jane hotel in New York. B: It’s where they took the survivors of the Titanic. It’s the coolest place! 

What’re your favorite places to shop?
C: John Derian Company, Patch NYC and Erica Tanov. We also carry their lines at the store; we like to keep company with things we admire.

Do you have a special keepsake?
C: Yes. A giant gold heart locket my mom gave me for my birthday when I turned 21. B: Of course! A Plaster of Paris bear footprint from the California ranch I grew up on that my mother made in the 1950s. 

Which artist do you admire?
C: I really like photographer Mike Disfarmer. He did great portraiture of hardworking people living in rural America in the 1940s. B: Maynard Dickson. He lived in Tucson in his later years and did great Western art with a fantastic modern feel.

What’s your favorite museum?
B: The American Folk Art Museum in New York. The simplicity of the art and how it was born from daily life draws me in completely.



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