mix & mashup: bathrooms.

mix & mashup: bathrooms.


The bathroom is one of the only places in the home that you can go, lock the door and expect to be left alone for just as long as you desire. I’ve escaped more than one heated family showdown by slipping into a bubble bath for an hour and giving tempers time to, well, temper. So, for me, bathroom as sanctuary has a pretty literal connotation, and that’s why I’m such a stickler for good design in the space. While it’s important to make sure the bathroom’s functional aspects aren’t circumvented (Have you ever applied makeup in a dark vanity? Not a good look.), it’s just as important to have a beautiful spot to kick start your morning routine. So whether you’re into a more organic look—like the homeowners of the Los Angeles bathroom above by architect Ralph Mechur—or a more country feel—like the lucky inhabitants who brush their canines in the sink of this Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, bathroom by Tracy Hickman, we’ve got you covered with some inspirational shots. Which one is your favorite?

mmbath2Photography by Tony Soluri; designed by Tracy Hickman, Hickman Design Associates

mmbath3Photography by Bill Timmerman; designed by Maria Dawson, Dawson Design Associates

mmbath4Photography by Brandon Barre; designed by Candice Olson

mmbath5Photography by Charles Davis Smith; designed by Kelly D. Mitchell, mitchell | garman architects




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