house guest: cottage industry.

house guest: cottage industry.


To us, the measure of a successful cottage isn’t just about the roof eaves and the painstaking wood details—although, to be honest, those do top the list. Instead, we find that the more nooks a home offers up for getting lost with a long-winded book, the more we love it, and this Harbor Springs, Michigan, lake house has our inner bibliophiles doing backflips. We can just imagine ourselves lounging on the wrap-around patio, tenderly restored by architect Nicholas White, as we begrudgingly dog-ear chapter five; and there we are again, propped up on the plush furnishings, carefully selected by interior designer Tom Stringer, as we very slowly read the last few pages of some great adventure, sad that it has ended. Luckily, though, we wouldn’t have to stay sad for long: that view!

hg1Sources: Drapes from Laura Lienhard; fabric on sofa from Holly Hunt Great Plains.


hg3Sources: Antique chandelier from Sentimento; backsplash tiles from Walker Zanger.

hg4Sources: Bed from Dessin Fournir; fabric on armchair from Victoria Hagan.

hg5Sources: Umbrella by Santa Barbara Designs; landscaping by Litzenberger Landscape.



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