Insight: Mark Moussa

Insight: Mark Moussa

Mark Moussa, founder and creative director of Arteriors, can’t sit still. Whether traveling to exotic locales, revising one of his more than 1,200-and-counting products or hosting a backyard get-together, Moussa never rests. “I’m either trying to get home or planning my next trip,” he says. The international life comes naturally to Moussa, whose father’s import accessory business introduced him to the world of products early on. In 1987, he opened Arteriors, the Dallas-based home décor brand with 12 showrooms and hundreds of retailers nationally, including a Los Angeles location opening this winter. When it comes to rousing his creative spirit, Moussa credits flea markets, the beach and Alexander McQueen, but adds that “inspiration is everywhere: a bar, a restaurant, a boutique.” That’s why he never stays in the same hotel twice. “If I travel the same path, I become stale.” Moussa even rearranges his home every six months; a process that fuels new collections, like Arteriors’ recent fireplace line. At home or on the road, Moussa proves there is nothing permanent but change.

LX: Dream collaborations:

MM: I’ve always been passionate about fashion and love Alexander McQueen’s aesthetic. Also, earlier this year, I had the unique opportunity to work with my daughter, Mackenzie Moussa, on a collection called Mac & Marc. It was the first collaboration for us and resulted following a two-week trip to New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Jodhpur.

LX: Design aesthetic you find most enchanting:

MM: Italian; I love the romance of it.

LX: Personal style: I’m an explorer. I love to discover new things, new designs, new fashions, new finishes, new restaurants. I always carry… Eyewear. Tom Ford is my favorite brand. I collect… African and Indian vintage furniture and accessories. I have an amazing set of midcentury African dining chairs that are each embroidered with tribal leaders.

LX: Tools of the trade:

MM: My eyes, my sketchbook and my curiosity.;



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