Natural Born: Victoria Larson

Natural Born: Victoria Larson

Schools of fish and sand rippled by waves. Raindrops pattering on the windshield. Pretty peonies sunbathing in the backyard garden. These are some of the dreamy images that designer Victoria Larson repeatedly captures on her textiles. “My inspiration comes from nature, and often out of the blue,” says the Annapolis-based Larson, who has been creating her all-natural fabrics since 2010. “I simplify things, and I offer them back as lively, bold and cheery designs. I want people to realize that it’s okay in design not to be so serious.” Larson, who grew up sailing and tied the knot with a professional sailor, is a lifelong doodler. Many of her designs evolved from sketches done on trips at sea with her husband. Her visions, from pink-plumed peacocks to a stardust pattern that resulted from confetti crafting with her daughters, are refined on the computer, then hand-screened or digitally printed onto neutral base cloths. “When I close my eyes, I see color and pattern,” she says. “It’s only natural that I would want to share my vision with everyone.”

LX: I got started…

VL: As a painter. I took my sketchbook and watercolors wherever I traveled. An artist friend introduced me to block printing, and once I discovered I could translate my art into fabrics, there was no looking back. Trend you’re excited by: 3-D printing—it has the potential to really impact, if not change, the design industry.

LX: Coveted item:

VL: A landscape by Annapolis painter Rick Casali. His style embraces classicism, Impressionism and elements of modern design.

LX: Favorite color:

VL: Blue, probably because of my relationship to the Chesapeake Bay. It’s a chameleon— calming or energizing—depending on the particular shade or tint.

LX: Eames or Mackintosh?

VL: Charles and Ray Eames are my all-time design heroes. I grew up in a house full of their pieces.

LX: Most-loved city:

VL: Auckland, New Zealand; it’s one of the most livable, beautiful cities anywhere. The Hotel DeBrett has to be my favorite place to stay in terms of architecture and design.;



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