Triple Threat: Melissa Enriquez

Triple Threat: Melissa Enriquez

For Melissa Enriquez, designer and owner of Dallas-based Gallerie Noir, working as a designer, curating art and maintaining a showroom is the ultimate trifecta. “Each definitely informs the other,” Enriquez says. “And it’s incredibly satisfying when it all comes together.” Known for her fearless design approach, Enriquez’s signature style—masculine, sexy, edgy, and eclectic—embraces the strength of her chosen materials while promoting an edited, balanced look. Favoring rich velvets, linens, old wood, leather, and brass, Enriquez creates a unified feel in her showroom and design work through the marriage of historical furnishings, modern style and carefully selected art. “They’re all vital pieces of the puzzle,” she says. Whether highlighting photographers, painters and sculptors—like Lyle Owerko, Fernando Alday and A.M. Martens—developing a new collection of furniture and casegoods for her in-house label, or completing a bachelor pad in Miami, it’s the union of art and style that forms the core of her design. “My work is basically an obsession for me,” she says. “I absolutely can’t get enough.”

LX: Work approach:

ME: I like to keep a running dialogue with my design clients, and the fact that I’m constantly accumulating and designing new pieces for the Gallerie Noir Collection allows me to do just that.

LX: Design icon:

ME: Axel Vervoordt for his brilliant editing and love of old wood blended with contemporary art. I find myself asking, ‘What would Axel do?’

LX: Greatest influences:

ME: The cities I’ve lived in have inspired my design aesthetic the most. Miami schooled me on color; New York cultivated my love for black; Los Angeles loosened me up and taught me the importance of bringing the outside in; and Dallas gave me sparkle and grit.

LX: Inside tip:

ME: Research, research, research. You can never know enough.

LX: Favorite city:

ME: My favorite city is kind of cliché, but it is what it is: Paris. The vibe, energy and architecture make me feel like I’ve come home; I must have been French in a past life. The Four Seasons Hotel George V provides the quintessential Parisian experience.;



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