behind the flash: jonathan beckerman.

behind the flash: jonathan beckerman.


On any given day, thousands of images of people and places pass over the screens of our trusty iMacs. You would think that that kind of quantity would make us desensitized, but it does just the opposite: It makes the truly exceptional images stand out even more and gets us stop-us-we-may-squeal excited about sharing them with you. Featuring Dave Thomas and Kevin Mundt, above, of Areo Home in Laguna Beach, in the spring issue of our Southern California edition was one of those times. But aside from the fact that they’re quite dapper and their place is filled with precisely the blend of vintage furniture, fragrances and handmade jewelry that would start us on a shopping frenzy, there’s a force at play here that we couldn’t quite show you in the magazine. Jonathan Beckerman. The photographer shoots for us—and an impressive roster of high-fashion and Hollywood industry clients—all over the country, but we have him for you here for an inside glimpse of what his job looks like from the other side of the lens.






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