Building Blocks: Tamara Codor & Sterling Voss

Building Blocks: Tamara Codor & Sterling Voss

Furniture builder Sterling Voss was working on a line of children’s furniture when he struck up a conversation with studio artist Tamara Codor at a gallery opening. She admitted to being an aspiring furniture designer on the hunt for a builder, and he took one look at her drawings and kissed the kids’ series goodbye. “I was blown away by the refined, elegant lines and sculptural forms of her designs,” says Voss. Codor was equally struck by his superior craftsmanship and eco-conscious dedication to working with recycled materials. Their meet-cute story quickly evolved into a serious business tale, and they have now launched their first flagship showroom for Seattle-based Codor Design featuring residential and commercial pieces. Picture, for example, a hanging bookcase crafted from a paper-resin composite, a brass chair mixing modern lines with traditional joinery and a concentric desk with three levels of cascading glass semicircles. The latter, an Art Deco-inspired design, has no drawers. “It’s a paperless desk,” says Codor. “We call it furniture for the digital age.”

LX: Design icons:

TC: Piero Fornasetti, Tony Duquette and Kelly Wearstler. My style is not as fantastical as theirs, but I love their freedom, artistry and lack of inhibition.

LX: Tools of The trade:

SV: A vintage Stanley hand plane, Japanese dovetail chisels and a diamond stone to keep them sharp.

LX: Dream collaboraTion:

TC: I studied set design in school so I’d love to collaborate with the team at The Metropolitan Opera to design a stage set.

LX: Favorite city:

TC: Tel Aviv. It’s a Bauhaus city that never sleeps. And they have an amazing design store called Kastiel; it’s an old warehouse turned into a beautiful design center where they host cultural events.

LX: Greatest influence:

SV: Reading the book A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction made me realize that building could serve a greater good.



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