editor's obsession: elephant lock.

editor's obsession: elephant lock.

When birthdays roll around, some little girls ask their parents for a puppy (guilty) or a horse (also guilty), and on some happy occasions, their wishes are granted. And while I still love and miss that tiny mutt with all the fervor of my preadolescent days, I never did get that horse (I’m looking at you, Dad.), and that’s fine. I realize now that I should’ve been aiming a little higher all along: I should’ve asked for an elephant. I mean, have you ever seen a baby elephant in a pool? Too cute. But unfortunately, with age comes awareness, and I know city living isn’t exactly the ideal environment for a 6-ton mammal to shake its tusks—though, let’s be honest, it still sounds pretty cool—so I’ve given up the dream…kind of. Really, I’ve just rechanneled it into this handsome, little elephant lock from Hermes, whose finely detailed trunk and over-sized ears capture all of what makes the animal unique, while giving me the flexibility of taking my adorable gold-plated pet with me anywhere.





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Posted by Justine on 8/3/2011 8:25:00 AM

The details on that lock are incredible! (and the video is too precious)