It Takes Two: Baker & Hesseldenz

It Takes Two: Baker & Hesseldenz

While organizing a furnishings exhibition upon relocating to Tucson from New York, fashion turned interior designer Mary Ann Hesseldenz was hearing furniture maker Scott Baker’s name over and over again. “People kept asking me if I’d met him,” Hesseldenz says, “and since he was so well-known, I put my booth right next to his in order to capitalize on his traffic.” These days, she doesn’t have to arrange a chance meeting with Baker; the two have since married and work side by side at Baker + Hesseldenz, the Tucson-based interiors firm they founded in 2006 that specializes in custom spaces with modern leanings. They make a perfect team—he does the millwork, and they both design and handle the clients together—and will soon launch a new line of handcrafted furniture featuring traditional elements but with a streamlined sensibility. “The simplicity of clean lines create a rhythm throughout a house,” Baker says. “It’s much more soothing.” Indeed, like their interiors, the duo’s bespoke furniture certainly stands out. As Hesseldenz says, “there’s a warmth to a handcrafted piece that can’t be replicated.”

LX: Our work is...

SB: Rooted in modernism. Whatever style we are working in, it is well-edited and pared down to the simplest essence.

LX: What do you collect?

MAH: Scott and I have an extensive art collection, mostly photography and Lowbrow/Pop Surrealist pieces. Two of our favorite artists are Michael Hussar and Yoshitomo Nara.

LX: Treasured keepsakes:

SB: A couple of antique furniture pieces that my ancestors built in the mid-1800s.

LX: A well-designed home...

MAH: Has to evoke emotion and tell a story.

LX: Every designer should:

SB: Travel. The inspiration gleaned from being somewhere else is immeasurable.

LX: Favorite decorating sources:

MAH: Vintage shops and estate sales. You can always find the most unusual pieces that give a home character.



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