design dialogue: raymond goins.

design dialogue: raymond goins.


We’re not saying that they call it Hotlanta just because Raymond Goins has his studio there, but we’re not not saying it either. From his place on Peachtree Road, the dapper designer is churning out piece after piece of exceptional furniture and accessories that are painstakingly crafted using age-old techniques—our favorite is the Gothic Swinging Bench—while balancing a budding interiors practice, but he still found some time to talk to us here:

What’s your daily ritual?
I meditate every morning before I do anything else.

Whose design influences you?
Albert Hadley, Jean-Henri Jansen and Caspar David Friedrich.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Yes. Chocolate Cake Charleston, a cake company in Charleston, South Carolina, makes the absolute best chocolate cake ever. I like to down it with my other indulgence, a nice glass of scotch!

What’s your greatest strength?
Passion! I also try not to think inside the vacuum of academia. I hated school; you would think I had an insatiable appetite for mistakes.

What’s your work philosophy?
It is not all in the details. It is in the integrity of the design.

What’s your studio like?
I have an office and design/art studio, as well as a secondary studio when I need to get a little messier. I love to be surrounded by all of my books, sculpture and succulents. And I have to have music playing 24/7.




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