Historical Influence: Michael Trapp

Historical Influence: Michael Trapp

Some of Michael Trapp’s fondest memories include days spent tagging along on his mother’s antiquing trips in his childhood home of northeastern France. “The antique dealers we met would tell elaborate stories of the history of each object, making them seem to come alive. As a kid, it all sounded very fascinating,” reminisces Trapp, whose interest in these tales eventually led him to open his own eponymous Connecticut-based business specializing in antiques, interiors and garden design. With a particular affinity for artifacts that bear their era’s wear and tear, Trapp’s international travels have him in constant pursuit of everything from 18 th -century stone carvings to French crystal chandeliers and Balinese textiles, all of which fill the rooms of his Victorian revival house-turned- antique store. “There’s always something new to discover, and I look for pieces that have a beautiful patina or exquisite proportion to them,” explains Trapp. “Things don’t have to be valuable or precious for me to find beauty in them.”

LX: Work approach:

MT: I close my businesses in the winter and travel the world to find objects and inspiration for my projects, some of my favorite destinations being Burma, Cambodia, Laos and, of course, France.

LX: Greatest influence:

MT: Dutch interiors and gardens from the 17th century.

LX: Describe your home.

MT: My houses are complicated collages of ancient artifacts and textiles. I love my kitchen in West Cornwall as the glass walls allow me to be indoors and outside in the garden at the same time.

LX: Dream dinner party guests:

MT: Joni Mitchell, Ruth Gordon and Diane de Poitiers.

LX: I’m reading…

MT: W. Somerset Maugham’s Collected Stories.

LX: My secret work tip is. . .

MT: To be up before dawn.



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