Nature Boys: Aaron Everitt & Luke Schilling

Nature Boys: Aaron Everitt & Luke Schilling

Henry David Thoreau once said, “We can never have enough of nature.” The creators of Everitt & Schilling Tile, a Fort Collins-based company that produces handmade wooden wall tiles, agree. Aaron Everitt and Luke Schilling, cousins who have unofficially worked together since their Lego-building days, realized the idea for their company after seeing a gap in the market. “Our eco-friendly product isn’t just another imitation,” says Everitt. Instead of relying on manufacturers to produce materials, the duo handcrafts reclaimed barn board and upcycled hardwood into their timeworn, character- laden tiles. “You can try to fake the reclaimed look,” says Schilling, “but without 100 years in the elements, it just won’t be the same. Mother Nature does things that a man can’t do in a factory.” Both Everitt and Schilling take enormous pride granting discarded pieces of wood a new life. “We see it as a continuation of the Western frontier,” says Everitt. “There’s a sense of optimism about the future if your home contains something that could have belonged to your great grandfather.”

LX: Every designer should…

AE: Cut through the noise. The world is saturated with information, and it’s our job to narrow the noise down to what matters.

LS: Design without boundaries. Just because you haven’t seen it done before, doesn’t mean it’s not a perfect fit.

LX: What’s inspiring you now?

AE: Colorado. We try to capture the feel of this incredible state in each panel.

LX: Design muse:

AE: Mast Brothers Chocolate. These guys have truly distinguished themselves by the caliber and pride they put into each bar.

LX: Favorite decorating sources:

AE: I love the taste and philosophy of Atomic Living Design near Denver. Also, Jeffrey Court tile—the mix of California style with historical design is inspiring.

LX: Words of wisdom:

LS: Take your time and get the product right. Growth will come. Don’t force it.



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