house guest: fashion sense.

house guest: fashion sense.


Sometimes you stumble upon a room so sweet that it gets you thinking about what life would be like if it was your room—your well-heeled arches up on the coffee table with your designer-clad limbs in a pose of recline. Do you return to the space at the end of the day as a big-screen siren, a world traveler, a concert pianist? A living room as achingly lovely as the one above by interior designer Lynne Scalo inspires imaginations to run a little wild, but one thing you don’t have to dream up is that the rest of the Greenwich, Connecticut, home it belongs to is just as magnificent. Scalo’s careful treatment of the color and texture palettes gives the Georgian-style manse just enough Old Hollywood glamour without making it feel fussy. “Design is not a frivolous pursuit,” Scalo says, “but rather a means to instill beauty into our surroundings, which adds value to a person’s life.”

hgscalo2Sources: Wallpaper by Maya Romanoff; wall sconces and mirror by Niermann Weeks

hgscalo3Sources: Light pendant from Lynne Scalo Studio

Sources: Candelabras from Global Views; wallpaper by David Goldberg.

Sources: Bed from CR Currin; nightstands from Oly Studio; wallpaper by Trove; mirror by Julian Chichester.



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Posted by Brenda on 8/3/2011 12:25:00 PM

The living and dining rooms in this home are fabulous!