Finders Keepers: Kristin Alber's Store 'Found'

Finders Keepers: Kristin Alber's Store 'Found'

“I can shop anywhere,” says Kristin Alber, proprietor of the home store Found, which she co-owns along with her husband, Dan. “Even in the middle of nowhere, I can always find something.”  The eclectic mix of unique accessories and vintage furnishings and antiques in her Mesa boutique can certainly attest to this. “My store is constantly in a state of transition,” says Alber, who enjoys scouring antiques shows in the English countryside as much as she likes perusing local flea markets, and attends about a dozen markets a year to keep on top of new introductions. “The store is a great creative outlet for us. We are always looking for new pieces and enjoy changing the shop regularly.” Using a style she refers to as “organic design,” Alber skillfully guides her clients to find a look that’s truly theirs—making her a home décor psychologist, of sorts. “People doubt their own instincts, but I can help them edit and provide a new perspective on the furniture they already own,” she explains. “You can change things up without having to do a complete overhaul.” 

LX: What’s inspiring you now?

KA: Modern transitional pieces with vintage flair and more color. People want a cleaner design that’s impactful but not over the top.

LX: Current projects:

KA: Our most recent project was the design of a beach cottage in Coronado, California. Since then, we have been busy working on some celebrity projects for, a national resource we started that directs consumers to local shops and showrooms, and provides design inspiration.

LX: Inside tip:

KA: Always aim to maintain a balance. Even in the midst of a crazy schedule, we try to make time to have fun with the kids.

LX: Go-to host gift:

KA: Find something personal that fits the host, like a batch of French salts for someone who loves to cook.

LX: Local hideaways:

KA: When staying close to home, the Royal Palms Resort and Spa in Phoenix is a true getaway. I also adore visiting Canyon Ranch in Tucson to take the time to reflect and reset—a real treat!



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