Del Mar Interior Designer Amy Meier

Del Mar Interior Designer Amy Meier

“A soulful home nurtures and cultivates your dreams,” says Del Mar designer Amy Meier. “It celebrates where you’ve been and where you’re hoping to go.” A former graphic, fashion and handbag designer, Meier’s ethos leans towards the timeless and unique, with a trademark mix of eras and styles personifying the history behind each of her projects. With an emphasis on antiquing, custom pieces and the skillful use of fabrics, Meier crafts one-of-a-kind spaces with a flair for originality. “I’m a lover of stripes, color, bows and things with a touch of quirkiness,” she says, insisting that the best spaces begin with the homeowner, whom she channels from the start. Drawn to a range of movements like Antiquity and the Renaissance, Meier adds in architectural elements such as millwork and interesting lighting whenever she can—an appealing concept for any client who craves something unusual yet authentic. “A home should reflect its occupants,” Meier says. “In my mind, the magic happens when I’m designing custom pieces and dreaming up floor plans.”

LX: Favorite decorating sources:

AM: I love discovering that one-off piece that can’t be found anywhere else. Some of my favorite places to do that are the Rose Bowl Flea Market here in California, and the Brimfield Antiques Show and The Barn at 17 Antiques in Massachusetts.

LX: Design muse:

AM: Nature; I have designed many rooms around the color combinations found in the environment. I also love fashion designer Lela Rose’s textural, unpredictable use of fabric, and I think that Alexander McQueen raised couture construction and tailoring to the height of sculpture.

LX: Words of wisdom:

AM: I recently heard Bunny Williams speak at a conference and she said, “Slow down. It takes time to become an expert.” That brought tears to my eyes. I run fast and determined, so her words really resonated with me.

LX: Go-to clothing brand:

AM: Kate Spade! It’s classic, quirky, colorful and girly.



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