Modern Bellevue Home Flooded With Natural Light

Modern Bellevue Home Flooded With Natural Light


When an empty-nest couple in Bellevue decided to revamp their living environment, they wanted to do more than just paint a few walls. Hoping to simplify their lives, they were ready to take a giant leap from their dark, traditional house into a boldly modern home that had an open plan flooded with natural light. “The owners had collected modern art pieces and were getting more progressive in their tastes with some of their furniture,” says designer Robin Chell, “so they were already leaning toward modern.”

The only problem? They didn’t want to move. They loved the location of their hillside home, not to mention its spectacular views. So they had their old house partially deconstructed so that the foundation and some materials could be used to build a new one in its place.

“We thought of the house as two pieces—one associated with light and air, floating over the hillside and looking out to the view, and one that’s more engaged with the earth, on the street side,” says architect John DeForest, who devised a plan with staff architect Jessyca Poole. DeForest used the imagery of tartan plaid to create an overlay of intersecting rectangles that would become rooms and spaces. The twostory house has a spacious main floor featuring living areas and a master suite, and a lower floor with guest rooms, an office and a media room.

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