Chicago Home Redesigned With Modern Open Spaces

Chicago Home Redesigned With Modern Open Spaces


Maciej Lesniak’s decision to renovate the Gold Coast row house he had called home for several years was both purposeful and practical. “The Gold Coast is an exclusive neighborhood of 100-plus-year-old homes that survived The Great Chicago Fire,” he explains. “While I appreciate the history, with it came things that were a little antiquated and dysfunctional. This project was more about moving forward, and about being more contemporary and modern in terms of focus and orientation.”

It was also very personal. A physician and researcher who often works and entertains at home, Lesniak was especially determined that the new interiors be multifunctional. “I was very much against creating what I call formal spaces that are pretty but never used,” he says. “I wanted to be able to sit at the dining table with my laptop and still watch television in the kitchen, or hang out with friends and host a big dinner.”

A simple enough concept, perhaps, until you consider the narrow dimensions of the home’s four floors. “We had to work with the size instead of fight with it,” says interior designer Tracy Hickman, whom Lesniak hired after seeing her work and falling in love with her style. “We eked out every inch we could without crowding it with too much furniture, and balanced open spaces with seating groups to make it interesting and functional at the same time.” 

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